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Customer Reviews

  • I would have never believed that a resume could make that much of a difference getting interviews. I actually thought my resume was okay. Well, in the first 2 days of sending it out I have been called to set up 3 interviews, one with my target company near my house. I had already sent my resume to them a few times over the last few months and got nowhere. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful service. Wish me luck!
    Sharon G., Milpitas, CA, Sales Manager
  • Thank you to everyone who contributed! You have done a wonderful job of highlighting all my skills and experiences and packaging them in a way which will hopefully open some doors. I am very grateful for your assistance, as being unemployed is a very scary place to be and I now have some hope that I may not be here for much longer. You have done exactly as you promised and I am very pleased by the results. My sincerest thanks,
    Mike H., Charleston, SC, HR Manager
  • The resume you created is better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for all your help. The resume you created has restored my optimism that I can actually find a career I love in this job market. Sincerely,
    Robin Y., Westland, MI, Sales Rep
  • Thank you! The transformation is positively incredible! Sincerely,
    James F., Austin, TX, IT Project Manager
  • I am in love with the resume. I am going to use it on Monday ten am.
    William T., Lawrenceville, GA, Claims Adjuster
  • Good morning Karen. My resume looks great!!! Thank you...Sent from my iPhone
    Jennifer H., Tucker, GA, RN / Supervisor
  • Thank you, it looks great. I know you don't know all the specifics of what I have done and am amazed at the level of accuracy this portrays me. I welcome any additional questions or feedback.
    Kent A., Allen, TX, Logistics/Warehousing
  • WOW, that's me? I get now the errors in my thinking! I feel a somewhat foolish as I think about my original resume I was sending out. Thank you very much.
    Scott F., San Jose CA, IT Business Analyst
  • Thanks you so much! You will forever be in my contacts. Your company did a wonderful job!
    Carla C., Brandywine, MD, CPA/Accountant
  • WOW! You guys really make me look good! This is extremely well done. Fantastic job! Thanks again for a first-class job. Perfect. You guys are simply the best. I will definitely be referring clients your way. Working with you has been a wonderful experience! Deciding to use your service was certainly a worthwhile investment.
    Kim B., Arlington, VA, Director of HR/OD
  • The resume and letters are so good that I want to hire me! No changes needed. This was a great investment and I will spread the word. Best regards,
    Jay G., Henrico, VA, Auto Mechanic
  • Nice job! Thank you!
    Kelly P. El Dorado Hills, CA, Retail Associate
  • Hello, I just reviewed my new resume and all I can say is WOW. I would like to thank you and your team for your hard work and I will definitely recommend Resume Profile to my friends, family and co-workers.
    Nikki K. Newport News, VA, Electrical Engineer
  • I'm impressed! Thank everyone for putting together such a fantastic resume! This was definitely worth the money and my initial first thought after reading my new resume was "I would even hire me!". Sincerely,
    Randall J., Bryan, TX, Hotel General Manager
  • This looks great! You've made my current, not-so-exciting job, sound more impressive than I ever could. I like the changes you've made to the formatting, as well. I've got a handful of jobs to apply for today, so hopefully my new and improved resume will bring success quickly. I received a lot of compliments from my previous resume, and I've been recommending your service to several co-workers. Thanks for the quick turnaround!
    Jennifer T., Dexter, MI, Marketing Manager
  • I am in love with the resume. I am going to use it on Monday ten am.
    William T., Lawrenceville, GA, Claims Adjuster
  • It is excellent... Thank You
    Paul D., St. Ignace, MI, Law Enforcement/Security
  • Your resume package was incredible and quickly landed me the best job I have ever had. Thank you.
    Judy H., Santa Rosa, CA, Senior Living Community Manager
  • Thank you for your time and for the cover letter and thank you letters. I am very pleased with how the resume reads, and would recommend your service to others. Now lets hope it helps me find that "perfect" job! PS Also, thank you for the job search lifecycle ebook!
    Kelly T., Laurel, VA, Event Planner/Sales
  • This is really awesome, much more detail than I anticipated. I'm very pleased with everything as is. Thank You So Much!
    Dave C., Richmond, VA, Supply Chain / Inventory Manager
  • BRILLIANT!, I can not thank you enough for all your efforts on my behalf. I am merely one of .... that are currently on .... status from ... I am going onto our Facebook page and telling EVERYONE what a SPECTACULAR job you guys have done for me. I could not be more pleased........your detailed analysis, explanations and experience in guiding me through this "process" has been invaluable. Clearly you understand what potential employers are looking for and that translates into your final product. I had contemplated going through a couple of other online Resume services that were more specific/specialized to my industry, but I realize now going through your company was DEFINITELY the right move! Kudo's to you especially, and everyone at your company. I am beyond thrilled with the end result! Thank you again for all your hard work. You are TRULY "TALENTED" :) Many thanks & best regards,
    Michael O., Irvine, CA, Flight Attendant
  • Robert, Resume and attached documents look great. I really appreciate your help. It turned out very nice, Thank you! Take care and I'll be in touch,
    David A., Peoria, IL, Electronics Tech
  • Thanks for the revisions you made and fitting all that stuff on one page. I also appreciate the cover and thank you letters. Even I am now impressed with me! Thanks again,
    Carlsen F. , Montclair, VA, CFO/VP
  • I am so happy with Your resume writing and the Cover letter.It looks awesome.Thank you so much for great timely effort. Sincerely,
    Ahmed S., Austin, TX, Pharmacovigilance
  • Robert, Thank you so much for your help. I think it looks great. I have given my friend --------- your number and website information. She is interested in using your service.
    Gabby F., Albany, NY, Regional Sales Mgr
  • Just want to say thanks for your support prompt attention to the writing of my resume. I received the drafts and they look great!!!. Thanks again,
    Paul S., Akron, OH, Customer Service Rep
  • You really did a wonderful job and I am very satisfied how you created my resume. After reading this I can just say ~ Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! This is really professionally done and in those several emails you encouraged me extremely and I am sure that I will find a job! You did a wonderful and polished resume. Thank you very much for your time and professionalism. And I know my boyfriend will also need a professionally prepared resume so we`ll contact you soon regarding his case. With confidence and a great pleasure I`ll recommend your service to anybody who is in a similar situation as I was and in need of professional resume writing advice and assistance. 
    Pamela G., Irvine, CA, Financial Analyst
  • Hi, I love the resume! Thank you so much for your work. Myconfidence now is sky high!
    Michelle D., Irvine, CA, Production Manager
  • please allow me the time to say thanks for an awesome job on my resume, thanks for your hard work, and time. please give my regards to your team of professionals. do have a great and wonderful day. 
    David S., New York, NY, Hotel Manager
  • Thank you so much for getting my resume finished so quickly. I am thrilled to have met the deadline on the job I want because of your great customer service.
    Jan T., Great Falls, MT, QA Manager
  • Thank you! I should have done this years ago. I will be referring your services to several colleagues.
    Mark M., Raleigh, NC, VP of Communications
  • I received the file and thank you very much. All I can say is that the resume and cover letter looks great. Once again thanks again and I hope I can find the job or get the job I am looking for. Thank you again
    Liem T., Culver City, CA, Sports Agent
  • Thank You, everything looks great. I appreciate the time you took to help me and tell your team that I appreciate their time as well. Thanks again, Sincerely,
    Joe W., Boise, ID, Accounting Manager
  • World Class!! Thank you very much! Sincerely,
    Stephen H. Orange, CA, Restaurant Manager
  • Thank you, Exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the detailed explanation and incredibly quick turn around.
    Carl C., Pleasant Grove, UT, Operations Manager
  • Absolutely love it! Thank you sooo much.
    Jen C., Atlanta, GA, Event Planner
  • Wow, money well spent. This looks fantastic. Thank you again so much, this is beautiful.
    Sandra R., Anchorage, AK, Office Manager
  • Hello, This past August I had submitted my payment/request for your Resume Writing Service, and I would just like to say thank you so much. I have had so many job offers and have been told by more than one employer how they are impressed with my resume. I greatly appreciate your services/writing talent and will highly recommend your services to friends/family and co-workers. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!!
    Barbara R., Waldorf, MD, Admin Assistant
  • Thank you so much! They look great! Best Regards,
    Carolyn D., Chicago, IL, Operations Manager
  • Thank you and the rest of the team for doing a wonderful job on my resume, cover letter and thank you letter. I guess I was not very good at writing these and hope that now I will be able to obtain a job with a professional looking resume. I can't express enough appreciation to all of you. Thank you again,
    Jenny K., Madison, WI, Medical Coder/Biller
  • It's perfect. Your advice on structuring my work history more appropriately is greatly appreciated and makes a lot of sense. I can't imagine others taking the time to go through all of that with me. Money well spent. Look for my wife's order shortly
    Terry S., Newark, NJ, Director of Finance
  • Hello, All I can say is WOW, that was worth every penny!!! Thanks,

    more later... 
    All I can say is WOW, I now have the confidence to compete with anyone for any job at any company! When people say if you need something done right, do it yourself, they don't realize professionals, like yourself, can save you time and give you the confidence to compete in this job market. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. I have family and friends who wonder why I paid for my resume to be revised; they don't realize higher education doesn't make you an expert in everything. Everything looks flawless! Thanks again, now time to get a new suit!
    Ahmed V., Baltimore, MD, School Teacher
  • This is exactly what I was looking for, just a one page resume. Excellent job! Sincerely;
    Elsie K., Augusta, GA, Case Manager / Counselor
  • These documents are absolutely brilliant! This is the best $89 I've ever spent! Thank you so much! I'm sure to tell everyone I know about this great service! I'm not sure how you took so little information and turned it into a perfectly written resume. I'm guessing you must have people in my field or took the time to research it. Either way, thank you!
    Josh W., Fairfield, VA, CSR / Inside Sales,
  • Hi, Your team did an impressive job with my resume. Thank You. Word of mouth is the best advertising...I WILL definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues.
    Jackie Z., Waco, TX, F&B Director
  • The resume looks great. Thank you.
    Joseph K., Refinery Tech, San Pedro, CA
  • All I can say is wow! I am quite happy with the result. My thanks to all that contributed. Thank you again for all of your help and the efforts of all involved in making this a very satisfying experience. You can rest assured that I will recommend the services of your company to anyone that could use your help or services that you provide. Again, I thank all for doing a wonderful job that was delivered as promised. It's really nice to do business with a company that delivers what they promise Sincerely,
    William T., Milton, NH, Medical Assistant
  • Thank you very much. These look great!
    Andy F., Washington, DC, Business Analyst
  • The resume looks great. I do not see anything that needs changing/editing. Thank you for your service. No complaints on this end!
    Kelly G., Houston, TX, Vet Tech
  • Thank you so much, I think my resume looks excellent! I almost didn't do it!
    Terry B., Clinton, MD, Office Manager
  • Hello, Thank you for the draft resume and attachments. They look amazing and I would like to thank you and your team for an excellent job. I would like to add one thing to the Resume if I could. I was just awarded for the second time .... award. Again thank you for your help with this resume.
    James C., Silver Spring, MD, Credit Manager
  • This looks fantastic! Thank you so much! I will definitely have a lot more confidence applying for jobs now. Cheers,
    May G., Logan, WA, Admissions Rep
  • WOW! I love the redo! And I'm going to send my husband over to you as well. Be on the lookout for his information. Thank you again!
    Mariel K., Spring, TX, HR Generalist
  • The final product is beyond my expectations. I am confident the resume and associated letters will provide a great benefit to my search for employment. Thank you
    Mike R., Portland, ME, Office Manager
  • Karen, The resume, cover letter and thank you letter all look great! I'm going to recommend Resume Profile to anyone and everyone I know that may need their resume re worked. You guys rock! Thanks,
    Mark K., Carrollton, TX, Sales Representative
  • They all looks absolutely great! Thank you so so much!
    Robert H., Lutz, FL, Medical/Pharm Sales
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to do my resume. I will start job searching as soon as possible. I love it. Best resume ever. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to go here.
    Sandy C., Bakersfield, CA, Nursing Assistant
  • I could not be more pleased. Thank you very much!
    Harold U., Summerville, SC, Industrial Mechanic
  • Great job, I have used a Resume Writing Service some years ago and by comparison, your services were at industry level, exceeded my expectations on response time and delicately adjusted my thoughts to make them more palatable to prospective employers. Well Done and Thank you.
    John V., Martinsville, VA, Call Center Manager
  • Hi Christina, It looks great! Thanks! Make It A Great Day!
    Verna S., Charlotte, NC, Registered Nurse
  • Thank You for my NEW resume! Whosoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well!
    Gabby T., Ontario, CA, Social Services
  • Thanks it looks really sharp!
    George D., Glen Burnie, MD, Programmer
  • The resume, cover letter and thank you letter look great. I would of not been able to do my own resume any justice after looking how well you have done them for me. It was as if you knew exactly what job I was doing and how to word it correctly. Thank you. Thanks for this great looking resume.
    Jennifer M., Richfield, WI, Retail Manager
  • Thank you, looks awesome. No changes.
    Kelly M., Arlington, VA, Contracts Administrator
  • The resume looks great. Thanks so much for everything.
    Michael B. Kentwood, MI, Lab Technician
  • Thank you. My resume looks great! I am very pleased with it.
    Jennifer K., Lakeville, MN, VP of Sales  
  • Everything is great! I am very happy with the work you have done and will definitely refer you to other people. When I saw the resume all I could say was "WOW".
    Jeff W., Baltimore, MD, Rehab Counselor
  • Hello, I hope all is well. Wow the presentation of the resume is awesome. The context and how professional and well written it is amazing. Thank you so much and I am very pleased with the completed draft. Thanks to all of your staff u are all awesome.
    Ramon R., Norwalk, CA, EVS Coordinator
  • The resume looks great and states my abilities just right. I like that you emphasized "team" oriented as much as my other skills, a direct result of being around very skilled craftsmen. Thanks to all for your time and effort.....
    Russ G., Seattle, WA, Shipfitter
  • Thank you! They are very nice and the layout is perfect. ** Now hopefully I will land some nice projects!
    Cari T., Columbia, IL, Website/Graphics Designer
  • I have to say that these are absolutely fantastic !!!! I am so happy to have chosen your company to put together a wonderful resume. I am going to let my colleagues know about this and bring you in more business. It was well worth every penny. A Big Thank you goes out to everyone. I could not be happier and am ready to start my search feeling confident with my new and great resume. Thank you again for making me feel so pleased and happy. This is something I could never have done without your help.
    Sue N., Broomfield, CO, Credit/Collections Rep
  • Thanks very much---- I really am impressed with the finished product. I would never have been able to do that for myself.
    Suzanne R., Daytona, FL, Medical Practice Manager
  • I just wanted to take this opportunity to express how grateful i am for the work that was done completing my resume. In all my experience, i would never have been able to articulate my experience as your organization was able to do. Sometimes it is very difficult to speak about ourselves and our experiences but you did an amazing job. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this process!
    Michael C., Jacksonville, FL, Healthcare Administration

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